This is what we are about

An independent bass music label founded by Devnik hailing from the Lands of Nether. We strive to provide you diverse, refined and profound ground shaking music.

It all began in the beginning of 2013, when Eva Imming and Bart Klein Reesink (Devnik), while having some juicy spare ribs, decided to start a record label.

Expect a mind-expanding journey into sound, and beyond.

The following piece is taken from an interview we did with FatKidOnFire:

Hi guys, hope you’re all well! How did the label come about?
We both already had the idea in our heads, but had never executed it. For Bart, the label is a way to be able to showcase the music he loves and of course to release his own tracks independently from other labels. For Eva, the label is a way to put her skills and expertise (marketing and communications) to the test – making others aware of great music

We have no idea if now is the right time. For us it is. We think it’s time for us to put new and renowned talent in the spotlights. The scene is collapsing and developing simultaneously so we feel that we have to show the world what quality bass music actually means.

What does ‘Underslung’ mean to you?
We liked the name because it pretty much represents our music. One of the definitions of ‘Underslung’ is: ‘Having a low center of gravity’. For us this refers to bass music in general; where the centre of gravity is in the low-end frequencies.

What kind of music can we expect from Underslung?
Good music. Bass music we find interesting and well produced. Not genre bound because we feel that that will only limit us. As a producer, Bart has been trying out all kinds of styles throughout his production career. He still loves to produce what he feels like and not limit himself to one specific genre. This also is the idea of Underslung Audio; to be diverse, to give producers creative freedom, to keep the quality high and to keep evolving and developing.

What does your slogan ‘Refining Bass Music’ mean?
We are like a filter, we separate the gold from the rocks. We take the gold and share it with the rest of the world.

We couldn’t be so awesome without these people:

  • Tim Meijer, doing all the amazing cover photos for our releases.
  • Tim Franke (Mansion Mastering), doing all of our mastering work.
  • Yuri van der Zalm (The Illuminated), helping us out with A&R.
  • Edin Abazi, giving support with our digital presence.
  • Herman Imming, the best accountant you can imagine.

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